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Alex Savazzi

Design and Sculptural Elements For The Taylor Group

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Sculptural Work With The Taylor Group

I have the good fortune of working with the Taylor Group at their Orangeville location designing and building Sculptural and Set Pieces. I have been a part of some really, remarkable builds, and been lucky enough to work with some of the most skilled and dedicated people in the business.

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Umbrella Academy Season 1

For this set I bridged between the Art and Construction Departments, taking hand drawn elevations and floor plans and translating them into 3D space, then taking those elements and creating all the CNC part files for two floors of columns, arches and ceiling pieces that came together seamlessly. The set was handed over to the shooting crew on time and looked beautiful.

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Jupiter's Legacy
Season 1

I was lucky enough to get to build a lot of really great things for this show but one of my favourite builds was the bilge room set. It was a giant water tank on a gimbal we fabricated out of steel. I can't even image how many feet of weld bead was laid down to make this piece strong and water tight. It worked great which is not something you hear very often when building a set piece that holds water!

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Ode to Quattro

Snow Globe Build For Audi Canada, Toronto, Ont.

I designed, fabricated, and assembled all the mechanical elements that allowed the car and background to move. They had to fit into a pre-existing mobile display case, and run maintenance free for the three weeks the display was active. I  modeled everything in 3D space prior to build which was a huge help in having the display built on time and run trouble free.

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Scale Model of The Queen Mary

One of my all time favourite builds was this model of the Queen Mary. The model was about twelve feet long and was scratch built using a reprint of the ship's original blue prints. I don't remember how long it took us to build but I do remember being so excited Sunday nights to be going back to work in the morning to work on it.
It was a dream project for me.

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My Home Shop

My 30'-0"x 60'-0" drive shed houses a a full carpentry shop. Mig and Arc welders as well as all the standing woodworking tools let me design and build remotely.
Everything my farm and family needs.
This has been a dream of mine since I was a child.

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Ever since I can remember I have wanted to work in the film business. I know I am lucky have been able to do so. When I am not at work building sets or busy raising our fabulous family, I can be found renovating. Whether that is our beautiful farmhouse, an old wooden boat, tractor, or my latest gas powered find. I love to build and fix things...anything really.

Just ask Heather! 

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